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Welll.... lets see here, where and what have I been doing..

Well, Tom is getting to work on his wing panels. I think he's getting pretty far along with the Drag Rudder install night-mare, he's going out of town this weekend though, so that will set him back a bit.

For myself, well.
Both of the Jet-Fan 90's are in, the HET 700-68-1200 matched motors are in, the CC Ice2 120HV's are in, batteries are still here, the Tamjets heatsink and CF tail-cone's should be here for the weekend, and the caste link and quick connect for the 2nd ESC is ordered as well.

Essentially, everything necessary for the power system upgrade is here, except the inlet rings. I really need a HET 90mm inlet ring as that would save me some time and it transitions into the LE of the center section nicer than a Midi-fan ring..

I also cleaned up the Rx mounting and wiring layout of my horton. It was just zip tie'd to the back of the front bulkhead for the first flight, but now that it flies, i had to clean up the rats nest.

I have also been busy working on Tom's Center section.

First was cutting out the canopy hatch. this is done using the smallest blade out of the 3 piece Zona saw set (its like a small key-hole saw). A fiberglass and Carbon molded piece that mirrors the hatch is placed into position, and then taped in place. The saw is then used to continuously score the molded center section until it is all the way through, then the hatch is removed:

Then the inlets are roughly opened, leaving about 1/4" flange.

Then the 1 1/2" alignment holes for the thrust tubes are cut into the exhaust exit. The wing tubes and sockets are used along with the fan shroud to align the modified inlet ring and fan unit into the center of the inlet and outlet.

Then the Gear door's are all cut out. This is done in a similar way as the canopy, except no cutting guides are used. the upper strut doors are cut free from center section molding and discarded b/c they are provided as a separately molded component. Inner wheel doors and the lower strut/wheel door moldings are reused from the center section, so they must be cut free using the Zona saw.

Then the nose gear mounting structure is all installed:

Then the Battery and steering/gear servo mounting plate is installed. You can also see the rectangular plate that has an oval shaped hole in it that is used to hold the receiver and match box's.
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