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Not all helicopter flyers fly their helicopter upside down and you don't need GPS to level out. Altitude is determined by a barometer, not GPS, which works regardless of orientation. Accelerometers and Gyros do have an autolevel already in use on Walkera helicopters. Magnetic deviation can be compensated in software, if the heli moves north, but the GPS shows that it moved 10 degrees northeast, then it can adjust its magnetic declination, there's no special hardware for that. Is there any actual reason why an FCB can't level out a helicopter and travel between waypoints by itself?

It has magnetometers, accelerometers and gyroscopes that it can use to orient itself. A barometer for determining altitude relative to the start point. And a GPS to determine its absolute position. Everything else is software. The only issue i can think of is if the CPU is fast enough to do all the mixing between the servos to react to the sensor inputs. So far, not only are they fast enough to control quads, they're fast enough to control gimbals as well, so that's two sets of servo mixing (or throttle mixing in the case of the quad motors).
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