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Hi Andrew, really appreciate your efforts and willingness to share your results. Moulded wings have scared me off for several years now, the internal bits are the main reason, just looks so much work compared to bagging but am coming around to it, partly by being inspired by this thread and your alternative approaches. Really like the idea of solid core wings as that is what I am used to dsing and repairing, so am working towards getting a few wing moulds done and having a play, along with reconfiguring my fuselage moulds for inflatable bladders, keeps me busy and out of mischief anyway.
Curious about the sicomin foams, particularly the pb250 which is what I want to use, I understand its nowhere near as good as the ampreg F230 but can not get hold of it in small quantities in the uk. My thoughts are to start off using a similar method to how you began with blue foam vac bagged into the moulds, hot wire the excess and bond with pu glue and pb250 around the edges and the tips. Why are you using the pb250 in the last wing and not the ampreg if its better? Another thought is using a larger cavity around the le, more a d- box of pb250 to aid in the expansion and bonded in to the spar. One last thought is maybe on my first try to not use expanding foam at all on the leading and trailing edges but cut smaller cavities and fill with wetted carbon tows before clamping together, slight overfill should get a bit of compression going and form a solid lump on the front of the wing for a good bond and ding resistance for a lightish wing, which is similar to how I do my vac bagged wings currently any how.

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