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Originally Posted by ckleanth View Post
I saw the ducted fan and... I'm jealous
can I have the part number please?

guys is that for a 2s or 3s lipo?

also can someone expand on this channel 5 business?
which stock beast bricks have ch5 and can someone put a picture where its located on the brick please. I thought all were 4 ch rx & integrated esc and aelerons servo output is from one single channel. id love to get individual servo for each aeleron (flaperons anyone?)

also where do you get your props and motors from. anyone with a HK link by any chance?

last has anyone got a HK equivalent mini servo plugs that would fit the beast (and the mini horizon hobby stuff) ?
All of the bricks are 6-channel. But you can't run flaperons with AS3X, as the second aileron channel won't get any AS3X commands. This will make the plane fly very poorly, and make it prone to tip-stalls & other undesirable behavior. To run dual-channel ailerons, you have to disable AS3X. FYI - faperons usually don't work very well for slow-flying or landings. Flaperons decrease the critical AoA, which typically increases safe approach & landing speeds. On many airframes, flaperons also increase the tendency for tip-stalls. Inverted high-alpha is one of two flight-conditions where flaperons are beneficial. The other is the flaperon/spoileron to elevator mix that's often used on fun-fly planes to tightes-up loops & such. In contrast, spoilerons can be quite useful on many airframes. They increase critical AoA, greatly decrease any tendency for tip-stalls, and decrease approach and landing speeds. A few degrees of reflex (spoileron) often reduces or eliminates wing-rock during upright high-alpha.

There are many sources for genuine GWS props. Stay away from the cheap Chinese copies. Glenn at RC-connectors is an excellent source for UM plugs, connectors, adapters, and pigtails. His pride in his work is evident by the excellent workmanship (unlike the cheap Chinese companies). Give him a call & let him know what you want to do & he'll set you up with high-quality parts.

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