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180 BB V's S16D Brush/es comparisons...

Hi guys 'n' gals,
The 180 BB "A" & "B" motors finally arrived along with a few spare brush assy's.

I was surprised at the way you are supposed to be able to do a quick change of the brushes.
You'll need to heat up your trusty soldering iron to do the change & have a steady hand.

They are nothing like the S 16D's at all, but then I didn't expect them to be, what with them being a whole lot smaller etc.

The only thing I can see that is different, is that one motor, "A"?, has it's pinion in about the same position as the stock one.
The other, "B"?, has it slightly further down the shaft.
Naturally, the +ve & -ve wires are changed over.

NB: The "A" motor runs clockwise (similar to the 9116) & is a lot slower in RPM than the "B", that runs anti-clockwise.
This is looking from the pinion end.

I tried to see if they had the stated ball bearings in them but could not verify.
There's no play at all, so they may be good in that respect.
There are no air vents/openings in the motors. Completely sealed motors.
They sound & run fine after a quick brush bed in.
Oh yes...The brushes have a similar shape as the stock motors.
Both sides are higher than the centre, which appears to be flat, not curved.
They might take a little more than 5 mins to bed in.

Bit disappointed re; the brush size (compared to the commutator width) & the supposedly, "quick change" feature.

Both have the "standard" 8 tooth pinion fitted.

See attached pics for details & the comparisons of the brushes & springs.

They might be O.K. for a while but I'll keep working on my S 16D's.

Ta muchly, L..
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