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Originally Posted by bigroger View Post
I think you have to compare apples to apples.

on Franks rpm, I am surprised it is so low.
I thought many have also reported getting 6800-6900 rpm out of the DA60-RE2 pipe combo. Is it possible to get higher as the motor breaks in further and gets leaned out a bit further?
Yeah, I think my point was overlooked on the previous page... the comparison here is between the DA60 turning a 24x10 Lamimnated Xoar, and the DA70, which, from worthy sources, is supposed to be able to turn a 25x12 3-blade to virtually the same PRMs.

The reason for the question is to find out if there is an application for the DA70 in the 91 Extra or Yak. I don't think a 26 2-blade will clear on the plane, but it seems a 25 should. If so, is a 25x12 2-blade going to deliver more thrust than a 25x12 3-blade?

And, yes, I suspect Frank's RPMs will increase a bit, but the Laminated Xoar is a heavy prop in comparison to the Vess or even other Xoar props.

The comparison between the 24x10TH Mej and the 24x10 Laminated Xoar at equal RPMs is a sound comparison, regardless of the power source used to bring them to the same RPM. They were both mounted in a plane and the same scale was used to measure them.
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