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Originally Posted by furballll View Post
only if you were grossly under propped, when you go to a 3 blade prop you generally need to go down at least one size. as for what pulls more the three blade equal to the 2 blade will show a performace loss only for the really high performance group(mostly 3ders)
Right, but the comparison here is between a DA60 swinging a 24x10 2-blade, and a DA70 swinging a 25x12 3-blade to the same RPMs.

The real question, I guess, is will the DA70 have any application for the 91 EXP's? I'm not sure a 26 2-blade will safely clear the runway so one alternative would be a 25 3-blade, but not if it does not mean a direct increase in power from the 24x10 pulling 40 pounds on the DA60. Then there's no sense for the added investment and weight, unless it is just incredibly smooth.
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