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I think you have to compare apples to apples.

Xoar and Mej 24x10 prop but on the same motor (in this case Franks DA60 and pipe) to get any real confidence.

It has been shown before that electrics tend to make their most torque down low and peak out near the top of the rpm's where as gas motors it the reverse. As the rpm climbs so does the torque they can achieve.

I would be interested in the Xoar versus Mej 24x10TH comparison myself.

Many flyers prefer the Mej or Vess Stealth over the Xoar wood equvalent and I thought it was related to thrust from the carbon props.

Sure the Xoar will probably spool faster due to its lighter mass, but I am surprised to think it also generates more thrust.

on Franks rpm, I am surprised it is so low.
I thought many have also reported getting 6800-6900 rpm out of the DA60-RE2 pipe combo. Is it possible to get higher as the motor breaks in further and gets leaned out a bit further?
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