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Originally Posted by Bloosee View Post
I'm sure its a great battery, (TP always are) but its awfully expensive (as TP always are), I like to bring 6-8 packs with me to the field, that's why I run the cheaper stuff. Maybe I'll get a couple.
But you get a lot more power, and you get 600 cycles with the new TP G6 packs if you take care of them properly. With a 600 cycle lifespan & the ability to charge at 12c (7-8 minute charge from the 80% discharge point), you can fly non-stop all day with just three packs per plane & a dual-channel charger. So, they're cheaper in the long run, and you get a large bump in power thrown in on the deal.

Definitely pick up a couple & try them. You will see what many of us have been taking about. Also, look at my test data on my blog thread. You can clearly see the significant power bump with the TP 325 65c pack. They even outperform the new Hyperion 500 VX 35c packs. (The new Hyp 400 & 500 VX 35c packs are by far the highest performance 'max endurance' packs that will fit the plane.) The Hyp 500s do produce more thrust than the TPs, but not enough to compensate for their extra weight, so the TP 325 65c still provides a better thrust-to-weight.

Originally Posted by bhoov128 View Post
You charge at almost 4 amps??? How long does it take to fill the tank on those bad boys?
Oh, yeah! Only takes 7-8 minutes from the 80% discharge point. You need to use a very accurate charger when charging at these rates. You should see how I charge my TP 2250 65c 3s packs. I crank both channels on my TP 820CD up to 20A, plug in a pair of TP 2250s, and let 'er rip at 8.9c charge. Almost 300 cycles on them & they still pull nearly the same static RPM as they did just after break-in.

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