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Greetings All

Well I have managed to get the left wing panel completed. Added the remaining wing ribs, the sheet balsa leading edge and the wing stringers. I noted on the plan that rib R9 has a doubler R9A on the aft end of the rib that I forgot to add. I had to cut a notch in the rib doubler for the 1/4" x 3/8" flap hinge reinforcement piece and the notch in the rear spar where R9 and the doubler go was only 3/32" instead of the required 3/16" (R9 and R9A are each 3/32" think for a total of 3/16") so I opened up the slot and glued R9A in place against R9 on both wing panels.

There is also a balsa doubler A4 that gets glued to the rear side of the rear spar in the aileron area to provide some additional thickness for the aileron hinges. This runs from R9 to R14 and is the same height as the rear spar. So I glued A4 in place on each panel. I also added the 1/8" x 3/8" balsa trailing edge on the end of the ribs R3 to R9 (flap area) that I did not add when I originally built the right panel but did add when I built the left side. I am thinking that I might sheet the top side of the wing in the flap area as the glue joint between the trailing edge piece and the end of the ribs in the flap area is very small and will be subject to breakage by just looking at it the wrong way. That will be tomorrows project on both panels.

Retracts are supposed to arrive tomorrow so if they work as expected I will be able to get them mounted and the nose of the fuselage finished. Then I can make up the lower wing sheeting and start getting that in place. Then time to start seriously working on some nacelle designs and power options.

Will post some pictures tomorrow.

Brian Allen

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