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HK450 Crap shoot?

I have an all metal version of the HK450. To me, it's a total waste of money and time. I would also say it isn't safe. I noticed several things wrong with mine as I was putting it together.
1. The belt will not stay straight. It has a twist in it. If you hold it by both ends it has a permanent twist.
It worked so I tried it anyway.
2. The main rotor housing wobbles on the main shaft. I noticed this after I hovered it.
3. One blade holder does not line up straight making it impossible to ever get the blade tracking right. I was going to order new ones but I wanted to test fly it first.
4. The drive gear is not flat.
5. The one way bearing does not feel ok.
6. One of the paddles screws on at an angle.
7. There is too much total slop in the linkages on the rotor assembly.
8. One of the fiberglass kit main blades was warped.
9. I ordered a set of carbon spare blades with the kit. The mounting holes do not line up, so they are useless.

I ordered another set of wooden blades. They were perfect. OK I know!! so looking back now I should never have tried to fly it. But I did and it flew without vibration or wobble. I only hovered it to check the tracking. It wasn't too bad but I would have to wait for new blade holders. I hovered for a few seconds, then landed. I decided too take it back up just to hover a little more. I heard a snap but nothing seemed to change. I landed and took it home. I checked it out good because of the snap I heard. The bolt holding the main rotor had sheared off on both sides. The rotor assembly stayed on because the bolt had seized on the main rotor housing.

So now I don't trust anything on this heli. I might try one of the Tarot kits but I will not pay the exorbitant price for a Trex450 kit.

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