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Originally Posted by Faap View Post

I want to get a new radio and after searching the forums and reading some posts i feel more confused than before to be honest and would really appreciate some help.

At first i was kind of wearing blinders and just looked at upgrading to a new Spektrum but this forum has taught me that there are other radio-manufacturers which really is making my choice so much harder.
I have looked at the Futaba 8FG, JR's x9503 and the Airtronics SD-10G primarily. The question is which too choose and why...

I have never programmed a radio (for flying that is, i used to drive nitro cars but those were "a little" easier to program i think) so i really have no idea what features to look for or which radios can and can't do different things. The reasons i have looked at the mentioned radios are that people have mentioned them as "good radios" in other threads plus the fact that i like how they look.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

There are a million choices and if budget is not a consideration, and if you have no brand loyalties, then any of those will serve you well for gliders, e-gliders and just about anything else short of giant scale or highly detailed scale aircraft where you can never find enough channels. ( The Futaba 8FG does have 14 channels)

All the terms people are using that you don't know can be so confusing. Flight conditions and such, what does that mean? And why would you care?

These two articles may help.

How to select your first radio

There are some additional resources in the posts after the second article.

> Choosing a Sailplane Radio - What to Consider
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