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Why didn't they run? A pass???
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Originally Posted by cloud_9 View Post
Look at this:

You get what you pay for.
That has nothing to do with Nitroplanes.
Those Sig planes that Nitro was selling are indeed the real Sig planes that Nitro was able to buy up given Sig's financial issues.

Regarding CA being used versus Epoxy...thats on the factory, not Nitroplanes.

Regarding landing gear being ripped out of the bottom of a plane...have you flown many of the older Eflite mini planes like the mini funtana, Mini Extra 260, Pulse, etc? They all rip out sooner rather than later if landing on a crappy field or with a not soo greased landing.

It happens.

Nitroplanes is not responsible for what the factory does that was contracted to build these for SIG.

The guy in the OP's video never showed the landing.. It probably wasn't as smooth as it should have been.
Seems disingenuous to post a vid of a flight and then cut right to the aftermath showing a ripped out landing gear without showing the landing itself.
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