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Originally Posted by hamradioflyer View Post
I have had several Rabbit FC's on several multirotors and have an observation. My last Rabbit was on a spider quad and mounted on the top in the clear from other structures and GPS and other functions seemed to work OK. I moved the FC/motors/ESC's to a 450 flamewheel quad on the bottom level and GPS functions did not work. The LF GUI showed GPS fix and compass
and baro and sonar function as normal ,but nothing worked well except stabilize flight. I moved it all back to the spider quad with devices more separated by distance and now working again. Maybe the Rabbit is sensitive to magnetic fields ? Component placement effects performance. That may be why some have good luck with the Rabbit and others do not.
You got it, its common sense really the magnetometer is sensitive to magnetic fields.
Also the GPS should always be mounted away from the FC & anything else that could affect it, ideally at least 10cm (3") above.
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