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Originally Posted by BushmanLA View Post
I have/had the same problem.

You probably will not listen to me, but my advice is to sell your Xbox/TV/gaming PC, and only keep a computer good enough to do school work on.

Also, it isn't really a stage, I still fight with distractions. You just need the discipline to fight the urge to be a slacker. A doctor once told me (when I told him I really didn't want to deal with Adoral or whatever that drug was) that your brain has some pretty powerful cognitive reasoning abilities. You are not forced to follow the whims of whatever chemicals are floating around in your brain. Train yourself to stop, think about what you need to do (homework), think about what your crappy body wants to do (goof off), and remind yourself that your brain is in charge and that you can reason your way into doing what you should do.

Also, exercise. Seriously, you gotta move man. Nothing makes the body want to be lazy like being lazy.
Thanks, that's defenitely the type of advice I need. Funnily enough I don't even play video games any more even though those were probably the biggest reason why I developed this habit. I also play badminton twice a week for two hours and ride my bike about 20 minutes each day.

@metieval I actually eat very healthy and rarely drink anything else than water.

I'll try to make good decisions for this week and see how it goes. No more youtube and I'll also try to avoid RCG.
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