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Originally Posted by kohersh View Post
Yes, I know about D/R switches and how to set up a transmitter, but I appreciate the help. Anyone got deflection measurements on their surfaces off a ship that is flying well? That is all I really need at this point
Sorry to take this long to get this to you. This is what I have set on my Bixler:

30% expo on ail/ele/rud all rates.

AIL - +/- 3/4" Low rate, Max (7/8") High rate

ELE - + 1/2"/-3/8" Low rate, Max +5/8/-1/2 High rate

RUD - Max all rates, forgot to measure throws but control rod is attached to center hole of control horn.

Notes: Roll response is not good on this model so it needs a lot of aileron available and a bit of rudder mix to taste to counter adverse yaw. For a beginner, I might set the ailerons slightly less throw but not much. Again, for a beginner you could decrease the ELE throw some to maybe 3/8" up on low rate. The ele differential was not programmed, just what happened in the build starting with a centered servo. Rudder is small but is sufficient at max throw. I built mine with 250 watts+ and need some down ele mix of about 15% starting at half throttle. Even with stock power it pitches up some at high throttle but not bad so you might want a mix or just deal with it as it's acceptable without. All control rods attached to outer-most hole of servo arm.


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