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Originally Posted by RCBABBEL View Post
Still listed on the Horizon site almost ne year later...

"Gee Bee EFLU4580

Over Current Protection

During production of the E-flite UMX Gee Bee, small tolerances of components have led to some Gee Bee models hitting the Over Current Protection (OCP) during the first initial run of a fully charged battery. When this happens, the motor will shut off as programmed to protect the electronics from an over-current condition. The servos will not stop working and you will still have control of the plane. This only happens when the battery is at a fully charged state and will not happen in the course of an entire flight.To reset the motor, the throttle needs to be cycled back to low power. After the motor has been run for a few seconds and the voltage of the battery has come down, the system will not hit OCP.

This does not occur on all models and should be checked on the ground before each flight. Larger and or higher C rating batteries are not recommended for the Gee Bee, as this could cause the power system to run above the designed limit and hit OCP. Follow the instructions below to prevent hitting OCP during a flight.

Throttle the model up to full power on the ground and let it run for 10-15 seconds. If the model hits OCP and the motor shuts down, cycle the throttle and run the motor again near full power for at least 10 more seconds. This will bring the battery voltage down low enough to prevent hitting OCP during the flight.

Horizon is working to find a long-term solution as soon as possible."

Perhaps this is the reason for the crash sales - v2 coming with better brick?
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