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Originally Posted by countrybo89 View Post
Has there ever been an product where you can flip a switch and enable a auto throttle. for example: Im flying my rc heli using fpv and i want to hover at a stable altitude so i flip a switch and the throttle stays at a constant preset throttle hold while holding a balanced pitch and yaw allowing a stable hover kinda like an auto pilot for hover has this been invented yet? iv researched every where but could not find any thing
You are talking about two different things that must be combined in order to get what you are asking for. There are a few units out there that can auto level a heli, but those have no control over altitude or locking pitch at one location. The pilot still must maintain control of where the heli is positioned and altitude. These are considered auto stabilization units, and some examples would be the Flymentor, Skookum 720, Naza H, MSH Brain(Ikon), Helicommand HC3X.

Locking the heli at a specific altitude or in one place requires GPS and a barometer in order for the heli to know its altitude. This technology is just now starting to be released for RC helis and the current units that can do this are the Naza H with GPS module, Skookum 720 with GPS module, Align APS system.

Cost for the GPS technology runs between $450 to about $1000 and can go upwards of $10,000 or more for professional grade setups with waypoints and full autonomous autopilot.
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