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Hi Wayne

Working on the credit where credit principle and following arrival of your ESR meter please award yourself 10 out of 10 credit points .
Very simple and virtually fool proof bit of gear that falls into my category of ' best purchase for ages' list which I see has been refined with now a single push button compared to the original toggle switch .
A nice change from the many 'Snake Oil' claims made for electronic equipment often seen which dont live upto the claim
With the ability to arrive at the individual cell IR input into the performance tool or the stand alone Excel version here it is no longer rocket science to determine if the many doubtful C rating claims can be accepted or rejected
The stand alone tool is particuraly usefull as loaded onto a suitable tablet can be used at the field to place your buddy into deep depression when the actual C rating of his favourite make of pack is made clear
In your attached instructions mention is made to ambient temperature having an effect of the IR readings does a reduction in the ambient have an inverse proportional effect of the true C rating ?
If a temperature drop affects the C rating does an increase in ambient have the opposite effect and at what stage does it level out ?
I pose the question as I see in your recent test of a Haiyin pack you were working on a ambient temp 25C which maybe a bit high for the UK average !
There is a similar thread ----- on actual load testing to arrive at the actual .
Without starting world war 3 do both arrive at the same end result ?
Do realise that the meter is designed for use with Lipo packs but if used to check the IR of a NiCad pack can the resultant IR be used to arrive at the C rating of the pack ?

Cheers Jim
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