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I've tried to taxi it & I'm like a cow with a gun. There is no way this brain is going to adapt to that mode. I'd give myself a 0.001% chance of making it past the 3 second mark if I actually got it off the ground.
Mode 2 is the normal way your brain works. It's the way real planes fly, flight simulators, video games, PTZ cameras, and every other normal joystick operated device works.

Lefties might find mode 1 a little easier since fine motor control is better in your dominant hand, and mode 1 lets them control at least one of the important controls with that hand.

All I can suggest is playing some flight or rc sims, or just any other normal joystick type activity. Breaking yourself of bad habits like funky control schemes is worthwhile in the long run.

If you're determined to be set in your ways... the hack should be easy. One pin of the pot should be fed with a voltage, and another is the output the controller reads.
AFAIK there's no 100% standard way of hooking those up. The center pin is the "wiper" and is what moves with the pot. Each side pin is on opposite sides of the resistor material. So basically the center pin moves closer or further away from each of the side pins, which gives more or less resistance.

You'll want to figure out what pins are going where. I can't quite see in the pics where the traces are all going. It's not necessarily the center pins you need to swap.
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