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Hello everyone. I was checking out a possible fly field and club today. I was discussing batteries with a small group of guys when one recommended the Haiyin batteries. It just so happens the same guy was flying his Align 500. He was doing some extreme 3D maneuvers until he plated it right into the black top runway. The battery, a Haiyin 2650 6s, took some damage so he decided to throw it away. Being the curious person I am, I asked permission to keep the battery. Once I got it home I started taking it apart.

The battery had 10 gauge power lines and a standard balancing plug. It was shrink wrapped with the label and just inside of that was a strip of plastic wrapped around the length of the pack covering both ends. There was a pc board were all of the cells were soldered together along with the wires. Over the top of the pc board was two strips of Kapton tape (the clear brown tape). Plus there was one thin strip of Kapton tape going around the cells right at the bottom of the pc board. Between each cell was a very thin strip of double sided tape. Then on each cell there is a strip of tape going from the top of the cell on one side to the top on the other side. The tape was slightly thicker than normal shipping tape. The tabs on the cells form an S before sliding though individual slots in the pc board. The tabs then folded over each other, about 80%. Then the there were huge piles of solder used to secure the tabs and the pc board together. I am not quite sure if that much solder is really required but it certainly was not easy to unsolder. I also noted that on each cell was a small label with two numbers. The top number was 2710 and the bottom number was 2730. From previous research these labels represent test data and the fact that all of the cells had the same numbers this pack was made with matched cells. From taking this pack apart I definitely feel like mechanically these are quality packs. And based on others comments and testing electrically they seem to be good quality. I am definitely going to buy a couple packs for my Align 600 EFL Heli.

What is considered a damaged cell? A couple of the cells have crumpled lower corners, but currently I see no leeks. When you look at the picture of all six cells you can see cell #1 and #2 have crumpled corners.

How are the cells numbered? Do you count the cells from the positive side to the negative or the other way around?

Thank you for your help. I also hope this information is useful.
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