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Thanks for the responses so far.

Boater Guy. Imagine pot 1 is the elevator & pot 2 is the throttle. I'm thinking cut the track on the board between pot 1 & the microcontroller, solder a wire below the cut for track one & solder above the cut for pot 2. reverse for the other side. Obviously there wil be 3 wires per pot so 3 cuts per control. Does that make sense? Essentially, move the sticks electronically without moving them physically.

DMcCormick, the TX looks like the cheap Parkzone RTF TX but it's a HK knockoff & the quality is very poor. Even if I knew how to activate programming mode, I doubt I'd find any instructions on how to identify how to, or what I'm changing. That would be the easiest way but I don't like my chances.

Jakestew. I've tried to taxi it & I'm like a cow with a gun. There is no way this brain is going to adapt to that mode. I'd give myself a 0.001% chance of making it past the 3 second mark if I actually got it off the ground.

Microfan. That's something I didn't think of. I'm thinking I'm going to try anyway & see what happens.

If anyone has any other suggestions I'd be happy to listen. I'll probably have a crack at it later in the week & I'll post pics of the carnage.

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