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Damage tally:
Rangelink gear: fine
FPV gear: fine, except the camera, RMRC 600 went flying like a missile, did no find it.
Aileron servos: stripped
Elevator servo: fine
Motors/props: Both props snapped and the motors took some of the impact but this is not the first time for them, they've been vibrating a lot since I installed them originally. New ones have been on the way.

Fuselage: bent, but re-formable with some hot water/towel
Wing: not so good. Right wing took the impact, left is fine, was able to feed a lot of epoxy into the key areas to join the structural elements that snapped or cracked. Was able to pull the wing up and back into alignment. Cracked or split balsa sheeting I expoxied back down. Seems pretty rigid again.

Main worry is the Rangelink, the rear portion of the fuselage pulled away from the front half and the Rangelink UHF coax kept them together. UHF is very sensitive to damage or loose connections so I might have to replace the Rangelink receiver and antenna. Have an extra so I think I'm ok.
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