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Originally Posted by bobly View Post
Turnerm - where's the other video's. Think we are gonna have to take up a collection and buy you a faster battery charger. In reality, I can see you not being as fascinated by this one as some of us because of your abilities and the quality of planes you own and fly regularly. I just can't quite see this one being up to your capabilities and you certainly don't need the help it gives us mere mortals. I do look forward to more opinions from you with some more flight time though. I can't tell a good 3d plane from a bad one, but put stock in your observations.
First off - thanks for the kind words.

That was kinda the point I was trying to make earlier. I think HH has hit a homerun with this one. It's truly a plane that people of all skill levels will love. Dave and QQ both said this and now I'm a believer. If you want to sport fly it... It will be awesome. If you want to learn 3D, again, it will be awesome. If you're already pretty well versed in 3D then it will just make you giddy. I mean, let's be real, it's not gonna compare to a quality (EF/3DHS) 60"+ 3D beast but for the value proposition it will give the 48 inchers a good run for their money. It won't really compare to my 71" Slick but I wouldn't expect it to. But honestly.... This thing is in the same zip code as my 48" Edge was and its cheaper and less susceptible to ruin. A nicer and more expensive balsa 3D plane will give you a wider flight envelope but they are also more expensive and less resilient.

So for me, this is a serious practice plane that has 80% of the capabilities of my other planes. But it's cheaper and modular. A nice value proposition if you ask me.
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