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Originally Posted by Maddog20 View Post
I am in the process of setting up my TX and I'm having a hard time understanding this part of the manual:

DX7s and above transmitters can activate rates on one Dual Rates
switch like the DX6i transmitter. However, DX7s and above transmitters can
also activate rates and exponential on the same switch as the flight mode
(Channel 5). If desired, GF (General Flight) mode can activate low rates with
moderate exponential, and 3D mode can activate high rates with exponential
on a curve.

I have a DX7s and when reading through the first few pages of this topic Quique stated take off in General flight (Flight mode 0) and D/R's set to 1. But, if I set the daul rates to be slaved to the Flight Mode switch the Dual Rate switches do not do anything. Am I missing something? Also, what is exponential on curve and where is that setup?
Having Dual Rates on various switches is a matter of preference. If Dual Rates and Expo are set up for a particular switch like "Gear", then the other switches like "Rudd D/R" will have no effect. This is typical when setting up a TX. When QQ mentions, "set D/R's to 1", I think he's implying IF your switches are set up that way.

As for Expo on a "curve", zero Expo is linear or a straight line. ANY amount of Expo will create a "curve" and make the response non-linear. The Expo set up is in the D/R and Expo menu.
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