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Hey everyone So I got my EF Extra out the box and the kit is so well done! Everything was in perfect quality. One thing I especially liked was that all the holes are cut out, like the wing tube hole and incident holes.

Now I've had a bit of trouble with the installation of the MKS DS95s. First thing is that the servo slots must be expanded (I've only done the ailerons so far). It's not a huge amount but is still significant. Once you cut the wood enough to get the servo in you'll notice the servo will wobble a bit forward and back. Because of this you will have to be very careful in screwing the servos in as if you get it wrong there won't be enough wood each side for the thread. Unfortunately I completely messed one of them up and the thread has come out of the wood if you see what I'm saying. Instead of sticking the servo down with CA I've put a LOT of hot glue around the wood, not only on the screw I messed up but on all the screws, more for security but also so it all looks symmetrical, haha! I must say I've done a pretty poor job here. One other thing I've noticed is that the DS95s gears sound like they're scrunching. I can't work out whether it's just the way they turn or I've somehow shredded them. The thing is both servos feel fairly similar when turning them so maybe it's just how they feel I'm not keen on taking them out firstly due to the cost of a replacement but also due to the fact that scraping off all the hot glue will be a bit of a pain. But hopefully I'll do the rest of the build well, haha!
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