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Originally Posted by danpos View Post
I watch the emails, websites, and flyers all the time.
But when I see a plane go on "sale" but the shipping costs goes up to compensate for the reduced cost, or the "Regular price" gets super inflated so that the plane looks like it is on sale when the sale price is the same as the regular price before the sale I get fed up too.
I have moved on past that and have switched to other companies that don't do that.

I'm just tired of the games. Now I only deal with straight up stores.
They still exist and want our business.
And for that I get great service and I appreciate that.
I cannot agree with you more. Although I think the other vendor referenced did this a lot, I detest seeing this. I think both vendors have done this, and I know other members have shown screen shots from one day to the next, when the price of the item went down, and shipping went up considerably, or vice versa. I know merchandise fluctuates in price, but not within 24 hours! As I've said sometimes I'll just look at the delivered price and if I can live with it, I'll buy it. Doesn't matter if the item is 1 and the shipping 99, or the other way around, if the item is a good deal for me at 100, I'll buy. But I agree 101% for the most part that business practice leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Originally Posted by THESANDMAN View Post
that is perfectly understandable ,BUT, how is that i can buy a plane from seller "A"at 100.00 plus 14.00 shipping and the same plane from nitroplanes is 33.00shipping . that is what bothers me . about them if they where to charge a reasonable shipping rate i would buy more planes from them . till then i just wait for there free shipping . and mind you i keep track of the regular price . so if the plane i want all of a sudden goes up 35.00 buck and has free shipping . i wont buy it.

they picked up that bad habit from bannana hobbies. right now they have a pitts i want ,when it first came out on there website it was 199.00 now its 259.00 free shipping . What is that all about .sell it to me for 199.00 and charge me 25.00 shipping like it was originaly . till this day im still waiting for the price to go back to 199.00 forget the free shipping .lol
Again, I agree 100%. I'll shop multiple vendors for the same item, and if the item price is the same, but shipping is way higher with one of them (all things being equal), obviously the cheaper shipper wins. I don't believe anything is really "free", including shipping. But again, if a plane was 99 before with 30 shipping, and is 99 tomorrow with "free" shipping, I would get the plane.

There was a thread here last year on another plane, to some degree discontinued but available at most hobby places. One guy shows up on feebay and is selling the exact same item at .50 cents on the dollar, including shipping. He obviously got a TON of business, I went for it 10 different times. I still check his listings every day and hope for more deals.

The thing that perplexes me is how often some of these vendors are out of stock on items, and for how long. When you see a page of 30 planes and 20 are out of stock, I just hit the back page and go somewhere else.
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