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While I didn't get as much done as I had hoped this week, I did get a few things done to keep the build going.

On the wing I added some fiberglass on the center joint, and also added a 1/16th balsa cap on the ends of the wing. The purpose of the caps is to help resist splitting the wing down the wood grain when less than graceful landings occur.

The formers that straddle the wing, F2 & F4, have been glued up from some 1/8th balsa scrap. On the plan it looked like these were cut from 1/4" sheet but that seemed like overkill so I went with the 1/8" material instead. The rudder and stab have been cut out but need some sanding yet.

The angled cut on the bottom of the rudder is to allow for up elevator. I'll have to notch the fuselage also to make space for the down elevator movement.

While this will be built as a rudder, elevator & throttle control model, I do hope to experiment with rudder only flying. My plan is to set the high/low rate switch on my elevator to give full elevator control on high rate and no elevator throw on low rate. The throttle would just be set to give enough power for a shallow climb and I'll just keep my hand off that stick. I think this approach can work and it will give me the option to chop throttle and regain elevator control if (or should I say when?) I get the plane in trouble. Hopefully we won't have another major snow storm next week so I'll be able to get more done than this week.

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