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Originally Posted by dragonslayers View Post
So who died and made you the RCG Forum patrol? Give this guy a break, I don't see what he is doing consider breaking any rules. He has already explained himself. Sure, he said it himself that he flies for RCA but if he doesn't get paid for it then how is it that he is hurting anyone here.

So many members here and other forums such as heli freak talks about brand products that they've purchased and have done their own reviews on. Brand names are brought up so often throughout forums but I don't see others being told that they can't or can post so how is this fair to this individual. I don't see where he is telling anyone to go to RCA's website to purchase the product he is reviewing nor does he talks about the cost of the product.

Ok, I see his videos with the RCA logo on the bottom corner but so what? I don't consider that as advertising, if this is consider advertising then every video that is posted on this forum needs to cover up "Align, Logo, Blade, Goblin, Walkera, Guai, Compass and on and on and on". If any videos or photos shown on this or any other forums shows a logo of some sort then it needs to be removed or covered up. Hell, they do that in movies don't they???
+1 on that

cap wrote "It's no wonder why this forum has lost it's posting numbers and why poeple really interested in the hobby have moved to other forum websites that do not allow this type of BS."

I would say if thats the case that just because attacks like that just get people bored,If you have some problems with that kind of post report them to the moderator,havent you a heli or something to build instead of jumping on hobbyist
that are forwarding well done rewievs to us others, He also was called "idiot"...
well, if theres something that should be reported it should be that, must be real grown up person throwing that kind of words in a heliforum..
You chaps really should clean up in front of yours own doors before opening yours mouths...

Cr...dont mind these kind of inputs, they are made of persons that dont understand what this hobby is about, theres probable forums for them also and all they want is to create bad vibriations because they havent anything to contribute with.


By the way...great rewiuv
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