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Originally Posted by cap231ex View Post
By posting and starting as many threads on the same product and showing the RC Aerodyne logo on each one of your videos , that is enfact the definition of "Advertisement SPAM".

Some one who just wants to post their build or likes a product and wants to share that with others does not go to such extremes to promote a very specific vendor and/or supplier as you have.

And you have already said in your own words that you do fly for and are sponsored by RC Aerodyne , there for again proof of "Advertisement Spam"

All of this could not have been done just by mistake , no one goes to those lengths just to wright a personel review of and item or try so hard to say they haven't done something other than what they have enfact done.

If you had not of used the RCA logo and made references of RCA along with starting 3 other threads on the same product it would not of been a big deal at all.
But the fact that you did makes it the big deal that it is now , and it would be best if you eather change your member status to "sponsor" or reframe from the deliberate "Advertisement SPAM" .
So who died and made you the RCG Forum patrol? Give this guy a break, I don't see what he is doing consider breaking any rules. He has already explained himself. Sure, he said it himself that he flies for RCA but if he doesn't get paid for it then how is it that he is hurting anyone here.

So many members here and other forums such as heli freak talks about brand products that they've purchased and have done their own reviews on. Brand names are brought up so often throughout forums but I don't see others being told that they can't or can post so how is this fair to this individual. I don't see where he is telling anyone to go to RCA's website to purchase the product he is reviewing nor does he talks about the cost of the product.

Ok, I see his videos with the RCA logo on the bottom corner but so what? I don't consider that as advertising, if this is consider advertising then every video that is posted on this forum needs to cover up "Align, Logo, Blade, Goblin, Walkera, Guai, Compass and on and on and on". If any videos or photos shown on this or any other forums shows a logo of some sort then it needs to be removed or covered up. Hell, they do that in movies don't they???
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