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Originally Posted by Gimmer View Post
I got the kit and put in this:
2208 1800kv rctimer motor
25A Esc
1600mah 3s battery
6x5.5 prop

808 #16 v2 Keychain camera
200mw Vid transmitter from hobby king.
180mah 3s battery.

Kept it real simple, all gear fits in the bay. With that setup it pulls 15A max throttle on the bench and I get 13-15min flight times. I have only had one day with it in the field so far but am really impressed.

I have also been FPVing a Teksumo 900mm for a year or so, think I prefer z-84
because all the gear is in the fuselage. I have stuff velcroed all over the Teksumo. Both great fun planes though.

that will be helpful , thanks.
do u use the original antenna of video or u had to change to fly far ?
maybe i would add an OSD if the weight is ok ...
I dont know yet what exactly i will get for the fpv
in france, only two frequencies : 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz
my rc is 2.4 so no choice 5.8Ghz...
Knowing that 25mW max allowed by the law ....
i guess there , all videos tx are illegal lol (if i am not wrong about 25)
the camera would be HD Wing Camera 1280x720p 30fps 5MP
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