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Originally Posted by amerei View Post
Hi Jasmine. Thanks for replying. I guess I'd better just accept things as they are and have fun training/practicing until everything becomes second nature. I've attached a second recording, this time, I'm actively trying to hover. I still couldn't really counter the left drift upon take off but I'm able to get the heli to do a peaceful hover once I get a hold of the drift.

I'm also slowly trying to get into side-in hover in parallel with tail-in. Could you spare some tips on what to look for when doing side-in? In tail-in, I could visually see any inclination by looking at the skids before it takes a really big roll, but I'm having difficulty looking for inclinations during side-in. I normally take cues from the heli's shadow but this trick doesn't work all the time, especially when the heli is high enough to not cast any shadow on the ground.

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Only advice is stop concentrating on the attitude of the helicopter. Concentrate on what it's doing. The reason I say that is every helicopter is different, and you should switch around in the simulator. The attitudes that work on one machine won't work on another one, so you don't want to be looking for certain angles. You need to develop the ability to instantly find whatever angle you need for the movement you want. It is hard, but stop trying to look at the angles of things - look at the whole machine. Try to understand what everything is doing as a whole. It takes a long time for that to become instinct.
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