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Psychedelic colors

Example of Psychedelic colors (captured from video by 679alex, post #12871)

Originally Posted by 679alex View Post
Look like my camera got some problems once again :P
How do you fix this ? :/
Sorry im kinda a newb with this camera haha ;P
Originally Posted by VideoKing View Post
My guess would be, you have gone crazy with the manual exposure settings in the GUI or the sensor cable has come adrift in its socket and needs re-seating, but I'm sure an expert will be along shortly to tell you it's something else...
No expert advice is needed here
VideoKing has given you the answer in the second part of his reply. Psychedelic colors are (almost) always due to a problem with the Lens module connection cable. So, either the flat ribbon cable has become misaligned in the connector or the cable has become cracked. I suggest you carefully open the ribbon connector, remove the ribbon cable, carefully re-insert the ribbon cable and close the connector. Before touching anything you should, of course, first remove the battery.
Instructions on how to open the connector are given in the developers manual or Rubis made a short video here. If you don't have a suitable plastic tool use a non-metalic tool like a wooden toothpick.
Important: Some cameras come with a different connector (see picture below). To open the latch, very carefully flip the grey bar at the rear upwards.

If this doesn't solve your problem then the ribbon cable has become cracked and you'll need to buy a replacement lens module from one of the recommended sellers here.

A second type of lens connector with the latch at the rear (picture by bobflyman, post #13225)
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