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Winch Replacement Update

I also got my replacement winch from RC4WD.

Bottom plate was bent again but easily repaired. This is surely done during the shipping process and by no means do I hold RC4WD responsible for that.

Opened the bag and inspected the winch and found 2 of the 4 screws that hold the winch together already stripped from manufacturer assembly. Got the camera out and took pictures to send to RC4WD.

So I connected everything up and this time NOTHING is happening and I don't mean it's not vibrating, I mean nothing is working. So I start looking into what is going on when all of a sudden the line snapped and the winch starts to spool inwards freely now since the line broke. I notice that no matter how I position my transmitter winch switch all I can do is slow it down.
So that means the controller is off center so I get ready to remove the gum/glue on the controller adjustment only to find that it already looks like it's been tampered with. I probably got a refurbished controller/winch.

Up to this point it's not that bad since I was going to eventually replace the stock line with my Ice Fishing line that I had used on the first winch.

But guess what? It still vibrates.
So I took pictures and made a short video and sent it off the RC4WD. Quick response back asking me to test couple things. Emailed them the results of the tests and the response I got was.

They are very close to releasing the new version of the winch which is supposed to have a new controller and when time they will send me one.

I will say this, RC4WD has great customer service and they obviously stand by their product and truly want their customers to be happy.

Here's hoping the new one will solve my issues.
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