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Originally Posted by KRProton View Post
Mmm, several reasons.

First, in order for our marketing and product division to get involved in anything there has to be pretty big sales numbers - quantity. That means mas production. And the terms "F5D" and "mass production" don't go together very well. F5D (and the like) airframes are specialized, completely hand-made laid up one at a time (I believe). I don't think you could do a competitive (or even entry-level) F5D ship with the technology we use for the Rifles (fiberglass, foam core wing, paint).
The cost of materials (kevlar, CF, etc.) would also drive up the price further reducing the mass sales numbers required.

The type of equipment/batteries/motors/servos used also increase the overall "price of entry" for the plane even further reducing the sales quantity - there just aren't enough people interested in F5D to make that kind of comitment.

Hey, personally I'd be all for it, but it's just not the mass appeal stuff our company does.

Then again, there is the Mibo/Wasp kind of stuff out there, so maybe it's worth considering if that's what you're talking about.

I think the closest that came to being mass produced was the Simprop Turn Left, pretty sure it was classed as an 'entry level F5D' plane with a rated speed upto 150mph . But it's not all molded, and Simprop managed to use a wing which it shared with another model, the Lift Off xxs, although I've read posts the Turn Left has a spar in and posts it doesn't. The Lift Off xxs doesn't have a spar.

1225mm wing span makes it a good size, and it'll take a Mega 16/25 size motor but battery space is limited. Biggest single pack you can fit is a 2200 3s, but you could fit 2 smaller 2s to give a 4s or a 3s and 2s for 5s. If you really wanted to try and fold the wing then try 2x 3s...

I think the TL was more popular in the EU, it's still available from a few online shops (mainly German, I got mine off but it isn't cheap at around 160-170 euro's + shipping.

It flies well enough, wing bolt hold down is a little weak but otherwise it's ok.

Although there might not be the interest in competitive F5D, I think there's enough people out there who enjoy sport flying fast planes, it's just that they don't want to spend top $$$ on an all molded F5D, and S400 planes can be too small. I think the Rifle 1m will do well, I almost expect the normal Rifle to get dropped as I think most will buy the 1m.
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