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The wheels touch down FIRST??
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Yah - 3M metrics seem to be fairly Universal, Tim.

There's still the odd 'Merican motor out there that use Imperial - and for us down here in Oz it's darn hard to find screws off the shelf that fit sometimes.

Neal - yes. Wanna Be's circumventing 'due process' and basically rough-handling a stand over tactic. They just waltz out onto the oval...start setting up their frikken cricket stumps... and start playing. Regardless of whose already out there - or even if you're in the air at the time.

Tough-tits if you're flying, and suddenly there's 20 ppl ON the oval while you're up there. You still have to land - but now there's human bollards to negotiate...

Then...when you finally get down safely... you find they've been belting balls though the rest of your fleet that you had foolishly thought were still safe on the ground. Real nice to find out your plane has been whacked by a cricket ball - NOT.


PS - RCG rules prohibit me from identifying said people - but I would hazard a guess that they eat a lot of curry
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