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Originally Posted by DroneBuilder View Post
Despite my wife's best efforts today, I found time to work with my buddy's RCTimer S800 clone and get it in the air today.

We had flown it before, and it was AWFUL, and he was thinking "wow - what a waste of $900." But then we remembered that we never calibrated the esc's throttle range. (It was also windy when it was flown last, I wonder if the wind was the problem since I think big slow props do not like wind.)

Being a little lazy, we built the little jig shown in the attached photo so that we could calibrate all six of them at once! Just one servo wire from the RX throttle channel connects to the jig, then all six servo wires (the ones that connect to M1-M6 on the S800) connect to the jig on one end, and the M1-M6 pins on the S800. Power up the TX, push throttle to its highest point, power up the S800, hear two beeps (in unison, from all six esc's), move throttle to its lowest point, hear a single beep (in unison, from all six esc's) and done!

A little black duct tape (duck tape to most southerners) on the left side of the Naza to protect against light-induced altitude problems and we were ready to lift off.

We put gains on two knobs on the transmitter - one knob for "attitude mode - pitch and roll" and another for pitch and roll in Basic Mode.

After a couple minutes of tuning basic gains, we switched over to "attitude mode". We tweaked settings up and down, and had to deal with the copter wanting to drift a little to the left, but overall the bird was remarkably stable! Imagine our surprise when we reconnected to The Naza assistant and found that atti gain ended up EXACTLY on 100%! Interestingly, for our preferences - basic gains went all the way up to 225%!

A video of the bird hovering smooth (but boring) is below. It is just a lousy iPhone video, but I think it shows what folks are looking for!

We already have the CF sleeve kit purchased, since there was so much talk of wobbly arms. But I gotta admit, this bird flew really stable! I think if we were to add a little expo to the sticks and spend a little more time fine-tuning the gains then this bird is ready to carry a camera!

So it appears that this frame sold by RCTimer is, in fact, worthy of its name! Can't wait to slap an Alexmos SBGC-based gimbal underneath it and shoot some video. Plus, we'll probably install the CF sleeve mod later, too.

Thanks for the vid!!!

What's the longest flight time have you got so far?
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