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Cheap TX hack

I recently bought a cheap & .... cheap micro RTF from HK. When it arrived I was impressed with the airframe but less than impressed with the electronics. After resoldering the pos wire from the battery box the TX started working & when I resoldered the rudder servo wire the rudder started working.... Good start except......

The TX is set in mode 3 or 4 (I use mode 1) & I can't even taxi it without my brain getting confused. I need to swap the left & right sticks.
The whole stick/ pot assembly is held in place by being soldered directly to the board. I thought about cutting pins, gluing the sticks to the board & running wires from the pots back to the circuit board but I'm starting to think I'd be better cutting the printed circuits up where they run into the chip & simply crossing the pot signals using wire.
Pic of the board below.

Is it possible (without being an electrical engineer) to simply break the path to the chip & cross over using thin wire? Could it be as simple as breaking the copper path with a dremel & soldering wire to one side below the break & the other side of the board above?
Any suggestions on how best to tackle this?

If it can't be done I'll simply install an AR6400 brick, the main excercise is to see if I can do it. If it works that will be a bonus.
Any advice appreciated.

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