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A Tiny Bit More Progress...

Motor Aligned
I removed the cowl and shimmed the motor mount to get the motor shaft pointing the right direction and centred in the cowl. Previously it was pointing towards the sky a little too much, but all seems good now. So, the cowl is screwed on for what I hope is the last time. I also painted the aluminium of the motor the same grey as the dummy engine to minimise how obvious is was. The painting is rough, but it has that weathered look, and once the prop is on it should serve to hide the motor a little...

Working on the Inside of the Lower Gear Doors
This is where scale goes right out the window! Since I bought the wrong type of gear struts for this plane (I was advised they would not fit, so I got straight instead of those curved offset ones the real P47 has), I can't make the inside of the lower gear doors look like they should. A compromise had to be made. This means that the insides are not as thick as they should be (for clearance of the strut and scissors), and the recess in the centre of the door is a whacky shape. Oh well!

I measured up where the inner parts should be on the inside of the gear door, and temporarily mounted them to the strut to gauge where the clearances had to be. Then some baking paper was used to trace the shapes, and transfer them onto some thin balsa. This was cut out and glassed before being epoxied in place. Then a final flow coat was applied over the weave. Once this sets, it'll get a sanding, then high fill primer, then sanding, etc etc. Then rivets, paint, and stencils...

I hope you all remember my gear door sequencer working nicely a couple of years ago. Just as a reminder, here's the video (from September 2009! Yikes! )...

P47 Gear door test 2 (0 min 46 sec)

Well, I was mounting my inner gear doors today, so I needed to reset the door servo positions to attached the linkage. So I fire up the electronics, and the door servos move immediately to the open position and then jus stay there. Ah I thought, 'the magnetic sensor needs to be tripped so the doors will close'. You may remember I went for the sensor option, so that the inner gear doors will automatically close, only when the gear is fully retracted - eliminates the possibility of any nasty accident from bad delay timing.

Well I manually retracted the gear, and - nothing. No matter what I tried the damn servos won't move! There is power to the sequencer unit, and the servos are being held in the open position. OK, I got out the manual and decided to check the programming of the unit, only to find that the two programming buttons seem non-responsive. So basically either I am a total idiot and have forgotten some major step here (which let's face it, is entirely likely), or the sequencer unit has gone bung!

Does anyone have any experience with the Thomson Automation sequencer? You will be my new hero if you can get me out of this jam!

Sigh... Just when things seemed to be going well!
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