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Originally Posted by kohersh View Post
I'm a 3D guy so I set up all the throws to full limit on the outermost horn hole.
That is the least deflection.

I thought the surface deflection was very small
Which it would be.

Question - what Tx were you using? If it was the 6ch HK then the right hand switch changes the rates.

but launched the plane into 8-10kt wind and it was immediately overwhelmed.
Might bounce around a bit (turbulence from trees especially) but you should still be able to control it if setup OK. Enough throttle? Full throttle pull back and climb near vertical. Then sort out the gliding. Can't climb? Propeller on the wrong way. Make sure the writing (6x4 or what ever) is on the front side.

So is this typical of these planes in general with their docile behavior and small throws on a windy day? Or is it just crap servos installed in the RTF version.
Alternative as mentioned, hinges too stiff.

I see pictures of it flying inverted,
Inverted? Yes, easy.

Wind? Full power and have a blast throwing it around all over the sky and under control.
Mac50L is online now Find More Posts by Mac50L
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