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I will tell you guys. Always wear safety glasses when flying or working on your birds. I do this and have been doing it for a long time. There is just a thread on the micro site where A guy got it in the eye and is pretty messed up and another that lost his eye........ That;s why I don't get into the Toy or not a toy debates. I think all hobby class rc's are dangerous and should be treated with the respect you treat a gun with... I was cut up pretty bad early on by a large RC plane, Almost got my femoral artery setting Indian style in front of it working on it with the blade on. Lesson learned from then on. These things are DANGEROUS!
yes i agree with you they are very dangerous....I think my esc has a problem with it cause my tx settings are correct i first thought i was in id mode but i checked i was in norm mode..It really didnt matter what mode i was in soon as you let off the throttlle hold button bam she was wide open...What else is funny is i have to put my mode in the tx as mode 1 if i put it in mode two the controls are switch but its a mode two tx i guess the software is sketchy
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