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Rehashed newbie question about Translating Tendency

Hi! I already posted the same question on another RC forum, but I just want to cover more ground with my data gathering and reading. No need to be brash people, just a newcomer seeking enlightenment here.

Here goes.

I'm a newbie and making steady progress with hover training. I could already hold a hover inside a one meter radius for a short time and that's as close to steady as my pinch hold can get me right now (at least inside the sim) but so far, so good.

My question, or my problem rather, is about the perpetual newbie gripe which is the left drift during hover. I don't have a reference to what a normal left drift looks like/feels like as I'm a loner in this hobby and have no access to a mentor nor a flying buddy to give me tips.

Now, before anyone tries to shoot me for not reading about helicopter aerodynamics, I'd like to stress out that I've done my homework and have accumulated some general understanding about the physics of translating tendency and how to reduce it to an extent; either by mechanically tilting the head a little to the right or giving a few clicks of right trim. Some people mention that this drift goes away about at about 2-3 feet off the ground but it doesn't seem to go away in my sim.

I've already made sure of the points below:

1. creation of a new model with single servo 90 deg swash with 0 subtrim.
2. made sure gimbals are centered. the right gimbal (mode2) returns to exact center as shown in my tx (dx7s) monitor screen.
3. made sure the tx model inside phoenixrc is also calibrated properly.
4. the helicopter model is set up to 100% (advanced) inside phoenixrc.

I've included a recording of my phoenixrc session showing the left drift I'm talking about. Note that to make my point clear, I'm not putting any aileron at all, just throttle. I have about 3 clicks of right ail right now which sort of reduces the drift. (phoenix 4)

Also, I've been reading this thread which pretty much sums up my situation.

I understand that helis don't fly themselves and you have to constantly correct its movement but.... how normal is a "normal" left drift?

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