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Greetings All

Well the wife had to work today (software delivery) so I had the whole day to myself. With the winds howling at about 35 knots flying outside was not an option. So I decided to get started on the left wing panel of the P-3.

Having worked out the few minor bugs while doing the right side panel, the left side went together fairly easily. Had to move the plans over to the right on my building board as the whole wing is longer than the board. After getting the plans setup and covering with some clear covering backing, I located the center section on the plans as accurately as possible and then rocked the wing over onto the left side and supported the right side panel with a piece of balsa block to keep things from moving. I then added scrap 1/16" balsa shim pieces under the spars.

I then made up the lower front spar cap from some 1/8" x 1/4" basswood and slid it in place all the way up to the center section. The area of the main spar that has the ply doublers is the same thickness as the spar cap is wide (1/4") so it was easy to get the spar centered on the spar cap. It was then tack glued in place in a few spots using thin CA.

As noted in the right side panel assembly the retract plate slots in the ply R4/R5 doublers need to be moved up so this was done prior to gluing them to the balsa ribs. It was much easier to do it this time!! For those that do not remember the slots in the rib doublers were not at the correct height to allow the retract plate to key into the slots in the front and rear spars. By moving the slots up about .045" on the doublers everything snapped into place.

Once the ribs and doublers were glued up and cured I started placing the ribs in place with R3 working my way out. Getting the ribs R4/R5 and the retract plate in is a bit of a challenge. I found the easiest way was to unpin the front and rear spars and then put a slight bevel on all the tabs to allow them to slip into place easily. When all the tabs and slots were engaged and the ribs in position on the front and rear spars the ribs and the retract plate were glued in place.

The 1/4" x 3/8" flap hinge doubler was slid in place from R5 to R9 positions. Something else I did this time was to add the 1/8" x 3/8" trailing edge piece at the end of the wing ribs. I did not do this the last time thinking I would snap it off as it has only a small glue surface with each of the ribs. Turns out I keep snapping the end of the ribs off on the right side panel so I decided to try something different this time.

The ribs R6 to R9 were added along with the 3/32" sq basswood stringer at the rear of the wing in the flap area. AT this point I decided to call it an afternoon.

Left to do is add the ribsR10 to R14, the upper spar cap and the upper and lower stringers. Then at that point I can make up the wing sheeting pieces and start to ponder the nacelle design. Also make up the flaps and ailerons. And ponder the retract installation.

We are progressing. Tough part, design of the nacelles and a power setup still to come.

Stay tuned.

Brian Allen

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