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I also wonder about the weight. The specs for the GWS Pico Red Stick shows that it is about the same weight as the Micro Stick, even though the PRS is much larger. How does the designer scale down the design yet make it comparatively heavier? According to a post on another thread, the supplied motor weighs 2 ounces, which is two big chunks of metal and plastic on such a small airplane. An IPS motor-gearbox weighs about an ounce, and is commonly used on the larger Pico Red Stick. You could cut down Pico Stick wings, tail, and motor stick, use the same components as on the Micro Stick, yet the result would be a lighter airplane than the Micro Stick. Put on the IPS motor and gears, and the cut-down PRS would weigh even less.

And who at GWS made the marketing decision to offer this small, heavy airplane? I don't expect this model to remain in the GWS product line very long.

The Micro Slow Stick is lauded for its portability and handling in wind. That's to the good. So enjoy it, bash it, whatever. I'll take a Pico Red Stick, cut-down or not.

Jim R.
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