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Originally Posted by Scott in NH View Post
So I like the idea of a 450FP.
I have a F45, but like it enough for what it is to not want to sacrifice it.
I also have a V200D01 and Wk2801 Pro Tx that I love flying - it is so much faster, more agile and banks beautifully!
Iím thinking I could watch out for a used F45, I could just buy the required F45 parts, or I can get another Rx from Wow for my Wk 2801.
Iím leaning towards the Walkera option, but what does that mean in terms of making the heli FP?
Iím thinking I would go with the belt drive tail, but am not sure if I should go with the FBL head option that arrowshooter is outlining or stick with the F45 head conversion?

What would you do?
I'd stay with the flybar.
But Arrowshooters way is the way of the future, imo. Think in a year or two ALL r/c helis are going to be FBL, except perhaps for Walmart cheapies.
However, find my own F45/450 conversion to be cheap to build, very easy (and fun) to fly with stock F45 Rx, and pretty indestructable in use. And not a real disaster if you lose it.
Again - from my pov - feel if I've got to go to 6ch with belt tail, would probably just fly my 450 CPs.
But I'm old, and naturally resistant to change LOL. Follow Arrowshooter!
Cheers to all.
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