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Originally Posted by Jagged1980 View Post
I have the option to buy from a local store a V929 version 1 for $50 OTD (I pulled off the canopy myself).
Worth getting?
I have flown the Syma X1 and consider it way to tame for my tastes. I have considered the getting the MQX since I have a DX6i. I also have a 6 channel flysky CT6B that I would have to program with my computer ( I have done this before)
How much tamer is the V929 compared to the MQX?
They fly quite differently. MQX is real rate control (stick controls rate of rotation ... return to zero ... keeps at the same attitude). V929 has some "self level" (but doesn't have accelerometers so isn't doing "real" SL) ... you have to keep holding forward stick (say) to keep going forward.

I found the "auto-flip" at full throw on my 929 a royal PITA. Meant I couldn't use 100% throw on the stock TX. Don't have 9x so can't comment on how good you can get it there.

MQX is more of a challenge to fly (at first), but more fun after you get some experience. 929 is still good to fly too, just frustrating that you can't get it to be all it should/could be.

From reading here it sounds like the X1 is a lot tamer still.


Note, I have a 929, have flow the MQX that Dad bought, but stays at his place (so I keep visiting ... he's 83 BTW).
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