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Originally Posted by dave1993 View Post
speaking of windbags jake you are the king. cant count the number of posts where you complain that this or that is no dam good and somebody should do something. then you proceed to do huge amounts of.... nothing.

i did get a kick out of your advice that homemade copper soldering tips are better than even the $1 ebay iron clad.
I posted my comment to help a guy YOU were calling a noob avoid the mistakes you've made. Maybe he'll end up not being a ornery windbag like you.

I'm surprised you still haven't realized you're wrong about the iron tips. Maybe it's easier for you to waste money on crappier iron tips, but not everybody is so lazy.

Copper conducts heat much better and tins better. FYI, that's the main job of a soldering iron tip. There's plenty of other advantages to them also. Being too lazy to use a better tip, too lazy to shape your tip with a couple swipes of a file, and too lazy to save money for your operation... just isn't a good excuse for many people.

In any case, sorry to everyone for taking this thread off topic.
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