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Originally Posted by ThierryRC View Post
i do:
swapf id0 then andlw 0xF0 = swap low/high nibble of id0 so bit0..3 became bit4..7 and vice-versa and then only keep bit4..7 = (id0 & 0x0F)*16
That works with the first 16 sequences.


I just implemented the first 16 hopping sequences so if tx id0 > 16, it does not bind.
i dont know why you say that because as discovered by pb/zeza the 16 sequences (256 bytes) repeat so x0 is same 16 byte sequence as x1 which is same as x3 etc. i verified this is true by testing with radios that have id from x0 to xf which all worked fine. the protocol errors i found related to column values not row selection. i thought your original code should work fine with all tx.

Originally Posted by ThierryRC View Post
I check with oscilloscope (gio pin) that receiver gets all tx packets (looks like a square wave, period =1.46ms or 685Hz) and it is just fine.
i started by using a scope just that way but found that even though mine was a dso (tek tds220) in some cases it did not show the missing packets reliably. the trace looked ok but when i used an led it showed many missed channels. very consistant and always same channels so i suspected bad protocol rather than noise or timing. anyway i like using an led because they are smaller and cheaper than a scope and all my rx have one now. im trying to decide whether to turn on for good packets to show link or lost packets to show errors. unfortunately the eye does not detect short dark periods as well as short light periods.

Originally Posted by ThierryRC View Post
Dave when you say that you have tested home made RX with different TX, you mean you have tested the RX I have done ? (I remember you said that you ordered some pics and a pckit3 prog/debuger).
i bought some 18f14k22 from digikey and also an ebay clone programmer but that has not arrived yet. another problem is the new mplab is a lot bigger than my old one and dont fit in my netbook atm.

Originally Posted by ThierryRC View Post
I could send you a rx if you are ready to do tests. Would be cheaper for me than buying hundreds of tx
yes, i would like to check your rx against my radio collection. im convinced the ones i have are a good test because they cover nearly every combination of row and column id. i have access to many more v911s at the school and some friends that have turnigys but see no need for those yet.

i was going to ask you to sell me one and willing to reimbure you. i have just been hired to design and build a batch that have both 8ch servo and 4ch motor/actuator capability. i plan to make some extra for myself so can send you one of those. in any case ill pm my address and am very curious how it behaves with some of the "problem" ids.
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