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Originally Posted by invertmast View Post
We could go with four 4s packs for an 8s setup, but it would NOT be any lighter than a 12s setup, or a 6a setup

Now i know your going "whoaa, wait a minute, yes it would be lighter, 8s has four less cells than a 12s setup!"

True, but it still would NOT be any lighter.

The reason being, even with four 6s 5000 packs, we still had to add 6 to 8oz of lead in the nose to get the thing at the calculates CG position.

So, if we were to go to an 8s setup, we would have to add even more weight to get it to balance properly.

Cg is the Sole reason for either a 6s or a 12s setup and nothing else even considered. The airplane weights 32lbs RTF, and flew on only 12lbs of thrust. Even if the cg had been perfect on the first flight, it wouldnt of kept flying for much longer as the second setup was fan was losing power as well

Bu going to 12s jetfans, if for any reason one fan quits, the other provides the same thrust a pair of fans on 6s makes. This will atleast give us enough power to keep the thing flying long enough to make it back for landing.
cool work!!

But one word for atention:
If you fly a TWIN engined (edf) plane and one engine dosent work (lowvolt battery cut off) - be very very careful with powerinput for the second engine!
Better use gliding mode to bring the plane in a straight way back to ANY ground

Iv you give powerinput to only one engine - the plane will fast turn around and could get loss in seconds...

I have learnd my lesson by loosing three planes this way... (A10, MiG29, Su34)

Btw. Last year i have a lot of fun with my 12s Jetfan90 twin powerd Saab105.
I use only 2x 6s 5000mah for both engines (Scorpion 3026/1000). Flighttime up to 6:30 minutes - if i wont.

Looking forward to your progress.

Regards, George
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