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Super Simple Test Bench for motors and props

I wanted to test a motor and a prop quickly and easily.
That's why I have done this super simple test bench.

There are better designs and constructions, but this one works perfectly and is light, strong, cheap, quickly made, convenient to use and easy to store.

Three pieces of wood (100x60x20mm in my case), only 7 holes to drill,
4 woodscrews, two 3mm screws for the motor, single sided adhesive foam tape,
Turnigy Servo Tester, Wattmeter, ESC, battery and scale.

Turnigy Park480 850KV, 3S 3300mAh battery and 5kg scale,
4 props: APC 10x4.7 SF, GF 10x4.5, Graupner 10x5 and Graupner 11x5.
2 levels: half throttle (1.5ms pulse width), generally used to hover, and full throttle (2ms) for max thrust.
Half throttle thrust and efficiency are the most interesting values for multicopters.
Tare is automatically done when switching on scale.
Props are positioned upside down on motor.

APC 10x4.7 SF
50%: 12V, 4.4A, 53W, thrust 444g, efficiency 8.4g/W
100%: 11.6V, 18.4A, 213.9W, thrust 1134g, efficiency 5.3g/W

GF 10x4.5
50%: 12.2V, 4.4A, 53.5W, thrust 433g, efficiency 8.1g/W
100%: 11.8V, 17.8A, 210.3W, thrust 1141g, efficiency 5.4g/W

Graupner 10x5
50%: 12.1V, 3.7A, 45.2W, thrust 381g, efficiency 8.4g/W
100%: 11.9V, 12A, 142.5W, thrust 885g, efficiency 6.2g/W

Graupner 11x5
50%: 12.3V, 4.2A, 51.8W, thrust 456g, efficiency 8.8g/W
100%: 11.9V, 15.5A, 183.9W, thrust 1189g, efficiency 6.5g/W

Among the 4 props tested with this motor at this voltage, Graupner 11x5 is the best, APC and GF being not far behind.
These combos are suitable for 1400-1600g quad, 2100-2400g hexa or 2800-3200g octo.
That's what I wanted to know.

This simple test bench might help you choose motors and props or solve problems.
Any improvement suggestion would be appreciated.

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